Steve And Nancy

In Episode 8, Steve joked with Nancy that he would love to have a large family that he could travel with in an RV "if only I'd had any practice." My heart melted when he disclosed later in the show that Nancy played a significant role in that fantasy. 


Max And Luca

The tears on my guitar are a result of Max and Lucas. After everything that happened with Billy in Stranger Things Season 3, the two, who had begun as a young couple in Season 2, seem aloof at the beginning of Season 4.


Dustin And Eddie

Eddie Munson, a prominent character from Season 4, who leads the Hellfire Dungeons and Dragons club at Hawkins High and is a three-time senior, quickly won over the hearts of Stranger Things viewers.


Hopper and Joyce

It's about time that Hopper and Joyce get their happily ever afters, to speak of them. They are still in the woods after going through more both individually and collectively than most people would in 10 lifetimes.


Steve And Nancy 

Nancy and Steve didn't get along well throughout high school, and in the end, she decided to go with Jonathan. The question of whether Nancy should end up with Steve or Jonathan is one that fans frequently debate.


Will And Mike

Though it's difficult to understand how a friendship changes in reaction to relationships, cross-country travels, and near-death experiences, these two have always been the closest friends in the group.


Jonathan And Will

Stranger Things Season 1 demonstrated the strength of a fraternal bond when Will utilized music he had learned from Jonathan to stay safe in the Upside Down. As we now know (again, due to Kate Bush), Vecna also had a significant role in this.


Dustin And Suzie

When Dustin's long-distance girlfriend Suzie was first revealed in season 3, the kids didn't have much faith that Dustin was who he claimed to be. Until their famous duet of "A Never-Ending Story" in the season 3 finale, that is.


Mike And Eleven

Due to their increased screen time this season, Mike and Eleven share a slot on the list alongside Eleven and Papa. It all makes sense, though, when Eleven spots Mike in the desert. Not only did they grow up together, but they also experienced the unthinkable together. They are best buddies rather than just boyfriend and girlfriend.


Steve And Robin

For the past two seasons, Steve and Robin have worked together, first at Scoops Ahoy and subsequently at Family Video. Robin is pretty much Steve's only friend because he is one of the few people in his graduating class who did not attend a four-year university.