Despite a delay, Stephen Amell has confirmed that Heels season 2 would still happen.  

Heels, a Michael Waldron production that will make its Starz debut in August 2021, is set in the Georgia hamlet of Duffy. 

The show examines the family-run wrestling organisation Duffy Wrestling League to highlight small-town professional wrestling.

In the first season of Heels, brothers Jack and Ace Spade argue over how to run the DWL in the wake of their father’s passing.  

Despite the fact that Heels season 2’s filming, which commenced in March 2022 and ended several months later.

Amell said, “Heels is coming out eventually. They are now in the process of, as best I understand it, ‘untangling’ that partnership.’  

As they are untangling everything, they are figuring out which assets belong to whom.  

So as a result, we wrapped filming [Season 2] on the first of July and we don’t have a premiere date, let alone a trailer, let alone an indication of Season 3.  

Lionsgate is in the midst of spinning off its studio from Starz, which it acquired in 2016 for $4.4 million and uses to help produce shows like Heels.  

It is unknown at this time whether these selections are connected to the Starz-Lionsgate split or whether there are intentions to sell the rights to these shows.