The reason Glen Powell first declined the Hangman role in Top Gun: Maverick is revealed.  

In 2022, more than three decades after Maverick first appeared in Top Gun in 1986, Tom Cruise returned to what is undoubtedly his most recognizable character.  

Unlike the first movie, Top Gun: Maverick focused on the story of the title character as he coped with his issues in both his personal and professional lives. 

The Joseph Kosinski-directed sequel added new Navy pilots, such as Powell’s Jake “Hangman” Seresin because Maverick returned to TOPGUN to train a new breed of pilots for a critically essential and deadly mission. 

Powell wasn’t a newcomer to the profession when he acted in Top Gun: Maverick, but it’s possible that the movie propelled him into the public eye.  

The actor initially showed up for the role of Rooster, Goose’s kid, which Miles Teller ultimately took up.  

Despite this, he was invited to read for a different character, Hangman, who was later referred to as Slayer.  

Powell now admits to GQ that he wasn’t very interested in the part, calling it “Navy Draco Malfoy” and “dick garnish.”  

But Cruise, Kosinski, Jerry Bruckheimer, Christopher McQuarrie, and the others persuaded him that he could make Hangman come to life.  

It’s fascinating to see how much Hangman has changed since Powell first played the character in Top Gun: Maverick.