Jamie Dornan was lucky to survive his terrifying encounter with a toxic insect

According to a 2019 World Health Organization survey, there are over 421 million hospital admissions worldwide each year for a variety of causes. 

The 41-year-old actor has returned to the news following a terrifying experience with a poisonous caterpillar. 

The Heart of Stone actor was hospitalized due to signs of a heart attack while on vacation in Portugal. 

According to reports, he had an awful encounter with some animals, which turned out to be a deadly caterpillar. 

In 2022, the Portuguese media released reports educating the public about this deadly bug.

Experts claim that the Processionary Caterpillar, a breed of caterpillar that is frequently found in Portugal, is extremely deadly. 

Some even refer to them as the "Killer Caterpillar," and they are frequently seen in January during the cold months. The poisonous microscopic hairs on the insect's body induce symptoms such as skin infections, eye pain, and throat infections.

According to a story on Geo TV, the well-known actor's pal claims that he was also hospitalized last year due to a similar incident. 

The incident occurred when he and his friend were on vacation, and according to Dailymail UK, when the Tourist actor's friend Gordon was taken to a local hospital, he suffered a heart attack because his heartbeat was 120 mph and he experienced tingling in his left arm.