One of the first wave of December 2022 films being announced is the most recent Sniper film, Sniper: Rogue Mission, which will be available exclusively on Netflix US as part of Sony Pictures’ first window agreement with the streaming service. 

. This action thriller, which is based on the long-running Sniper film series, was written and directed by Oliver Thompson. The series’ run began in 1993, almost 30 years ago.  

o. This is the ninth instalment in the Sniper series overall, and while it helps to have seen the earlier films, it is not necessary because each one has a mostly new cast and plot.  

On August 16th, 2022, the film had its direct-to-video debut, skipping a traditional theatre run. 

When a corrupt federal agent becomes entangled in a human sex trafficking ring, Sniper and CIA Rookie Brandon Beckett turns rogue, teaming up with his former allies Homeland Security Agent Zero and assassin Lady Death to expose the corrupt agent and bring the criminal organisation down.” 

Chad Michael Collins, who has played Brandon Beckett in every film in the franchise since 2011’s Sniper: Reloaded, is a member of the cast. 

Other newcomers include Jocelyn Hudson (The Strain), Brendan Sexton III (Don’t Breathe 2), Dennis Haysbert (Far from Heaven), Sayaka Akimoto (Ultraman Saga), Josh Brener (The Internship), Ryan Robbins (Sanctuary), and Josh Brener.  

The movie is available on Netflix as a result of the first window agreement the company has with Sony Pictures and its affiliates 

It is the agreement that enables Netflix to stream movies like Where The Crawdads Sing, Morbius, Father Stu, and Uncharted at this time (coming in November).