A new Slow Horses Season 2 trailer for Apple TV+ has been released. Gary Oldman plays the reluctant leader of a team of disgraced spies in this drama series. 

Season 2 of the series, which is an adaptation of Mick Herron’s best-selling books, will focus on the narrative of the collection’s second book, Dead Lions. 

Jackson Lamb and the spies of Slough House, an espionage division where MI5 places all the operatives who disgrace themselves for any reason, are brought back in the new trailer.  

Jackson is content to keep his employees stuck at a desk for the rest of their lives, but danger always finds a way to the Sough House.  

In Season 2, a gang of Russian sleeper agents who had been infiltrating British culture were awakened, reviving horrors that had only been experienced during the Cold War.  

Thus, in order to look into a crime that the MI5 is having problems solving, Slough House operatives will have to maintain a low profile. 

The Season 2 trailer also implies that high treason will be a major theme because the crime the Slow Horses are looking into is connected to MI5 agents.  

So, once more, the dishonourable spies are prepared to save the day in an effort to regain the respect of their colleagues and establish themselves as valuable MI5 personnel.  

Earlier this year, the first season of Slow Horses was made available. Director James Hawes shot Season 2 in its entirety prior to the premiere of Season 1, thus in 2022 we will get two seasons instead of one.  

Beginning on Friday, December 2, Apple TV+ will provide the first two episodes of the second season of Slow Horses.