Look for a vintage, statement The gap between Sky Rojo’s second and third seasons appears even wider because both of its seasons were made available on Netflix in 2021.   sofa for your seating area. Scour Ebay, or go to garage sales in your town!

The third and last season of Lex Pina’s “Latin pulp” Sky Rojo, which premieres in January 2023, will finally put an end to the wait.  

Lex Pina signed an exclusive output agreement with Netflix following the popularity of his previous series, La casa de Papel, widely known to English-speaking viewers as Money Heist.  

The agreement said that White Lines and Sky Rojo would be two further projects that would be created, in addition to Netflix receiving the remaining portions of Money Heist exclusively. 

Sky Rojo’s first two seasons were made available in March and July of 2021. Even while the series didn’t attract as much attention as Money Heist did, it nonetheless developed a devoted fan base. 

A month after the second season’s debut, the third season’s renewal was announced. Romeo, their pimp from the Las Novias Club, and his goons Moises and Christian pursue Coral, Wendy, and Gina as they flee in search  of freedom.

Gina, Wendy, and Coral managed to flee from Romeo after robbing him of 4 million euros, but they are still in danger. The group managed to get away to Madeira. 

They are not aware that Romeo conducts business out of the port, though. This implies that some of the townspeople will side with Romeo and help him kidnap the girls.  

The females won’t be hard to overlook either; they stand out like a sore thumb as recently arrived billionaires, with one pregnant and one lacking an eye.