Bradley Cooper got emotional after watching Rocket Racoon

Guardians of the Galaxy will always hold a particular place in Bradley Cooper's heart. 

Cooper provided the voice of the adored Rocket Raccoon in a number of Marvel Cinematic Universe motion pictures, starting in 2014 with Guardians of the Galaxy.

He discussed his character who endured grueling experiments at a Q&A at the Santa Barbara Film Festival, where he received the Outstanding Performer of the Year award for his role in Maestro.

The actor Bradley Cooper revealed that the hurt cry Rocket lets out as the High Evolutionary murders Lylla was actually his own voice after his father died. Cooper disclosed that he sobbed uncontrollably. 

The actor remarks that the scene is so much more impactful in the film because it is connected to his own experience. Many people hailed Cooper's intense performance as the greatest of the cast in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

Cooper said, "This last one, I'm not sure if you've watched it, but I actually cried like crazy. There's a scene where he loses his friend and the sound Rocket makes is something I could only relate to, is the sound my own voice when my dad passed away. "

"When we did it on the sound stage, I think everybody knew there was some deep truth to the sound that came out of my mouth and I think that's why that moment in the movie is really like, 'Holy shit.'" 

"I love Rocket Raccoon so much," said Cooper. "And I love doing that third one [Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3] because [that's] when James [Gunn] told me what was going to be the origin story. I just got so excited that I cried a lot." Cooper praised Gunn