The first trailer for the new comedy series Shrinking, starring Harrison Ford and Jason Segel, has been made released by Apple TV+.  

Bill Lawrence, who also co-created Ted Lasso, Brett Goldstein, who played Roy Kent, and Segel were the creators of the series. 

Shrinking is a 10-episode comedy series which will be released globally on January 27. 

Shrinking follows the heartbroken therapist played by Segel as he abandons his practise and is brutally honest with every client. 

He discovers that he must make some significant changes in his own life as he upends the lives of others. 

The first Shrinking teaser trailer is released by Apple TV+, choosing to concentrate on introducing the cast rather than providing any plot elements. 

The trailer was released soon after new information about Indiana Jones 5, Harrison Ford’s final performance as the famous archaeologist, surfaced. 

Ford and Segel will serve as the film’s protagonists in Shrinking.  

Ford, who is well-known for his roles as Indiana Jones and Han Solo, would undoubtedly draw in viewers interested in one of his first high-profile TV appearances.  

One of the most adored sitcoms of all time, How I Met Your Mother, featured Segel in a pivotal part.