Apart from this, two big teams are going to face the semi-finals of the Women’s Tag Team Championship tournament during this show. 

Apart from this, a lot of build-ups can be seen during this show regarding Clash at the Castle and one or two matches can be announced for this event. 

WWE Raw is going to see the return of the legendary Trish Stratus this week and after his return, his segment will be seen. 

If that happens, Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Blair could be there to help Trish.  

Dexter Loomis could be dangerously attacked by AJ Styles on WWE Raw For the past two weeks on WWE Raw, Dexter Loomis has been trying to cross the barricade and it looks like his target is AJ Styles. 

Veer Mahan returned to Raw last week after missing out on WWE television for several weeks and defeated a local talent after his return. 

After returning to the new character in WWE, Veer Mahan has so far got a chance to feud against Rey Mysterio & Dominic. 

This is why it will be interesting to see which superstar the company is going to launch Veer Mahan’s next feud against. 

Kevin Owens can challenge Bobby Lashley on WWE RawUS Champion Bobby Lashley defeated AJ Styles to retain his title on Raw last week, and now Lashley needs a new challenger. 

This is why Owens can surprise everyone when he challenges Bobby Lashley to the US Championship on Raw. 

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