After She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, the Marvel Cinematic Universe may be preparing for a true Planet Hulk movie. Although it appears like Marvel has begun to move on from the original Avengers, Mark Ruffalo's Hulk is still a significant figure in Phase 4.

The Disney+ show She-Hulk supposedly introduces Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) as his replacement, but it also makes significant efforts to bring the old Hulk back. The most recent hints might indicate that the MCU is getting ready for a Planet Hulk film.

It has long been rumoured that Marvel Studios was considering adapting Planet Hulk. Given that Hulk left Avengers: Age of Ultron aboard a quinjet, it has been speculated that a voyage to space may have been planned.

Kevin Feige even changed the order of the scenes to try to put an end to the Planet Hulk rumours, but Thor: Ragnarok showed that they had some merit after all. By placing the Hulk on Sakaar and in the midst of gladiator-style battles, the MCU Phase 3 film appropriated ideas from the Planet Hulk comic plot.

Thor: Ragnarok did not really have time to go into the genuine essence of the comic event because Hulk was only a supporting character and Sakaar was only a secondary locale.

The possibility of a Planet Hulk adaption appeared to be extinct, especially as the Jade Giant's Smart Hulk form continued to predominate. The employment of Hulk by She-Hulk has prominently hinted at a number of prospective MCU plotlines.

Marvel's Hulk plans may be more concerned with Planet Hulk than with World War Hulk, despite growing rumours to the contrary.

This appears to be the case especially now that She-Hulk episode 2 has confirmed that the Hulk has left Earth behind, thus pointing to the possibility of a legitimate Planet Hulk adaptation.

The Incredible Hulk #92 from 2006 marked the start of Greg Pak's 14-issue run on Marvel Comics' Planet Hulk. The action starts when Hulk loses control and attacks Las Vegas as a result of a gamma bomb. Marvel's Illuminati lure him into a mission that results in Hulk being sent across space to a new planet, Sakaar, because they believe he poses an excessive threat to Earth.