Shane Gillis is all set to return to SNL as a host after five years

After being dismissed from Saturday Night Live for five years, Shane Gillis is scheduled to return as host. 

On February 4th, SNL informed the public on X, the platform that was formerly known as Twitter. 

Before the program aired on February 24, viewers of Saturday Night Live had conflicting feelings about the revelation.

The comedian upset the audience in 2019 with remarks made in a video that went viral online. Gillis's remarks in the video were a huge attack on the Chinese community. 

 "I find it bothersome when Asians try to learn English," he said, making fun of their accent. SNL addressed the same issue and gave the comedian advice on how to proceed. 

Gillis became well-known because to his Beautiful Dogs Netflix show. The comedian's most popular Patreon podcast is Matt and Shane's Secret Podcast. 

The Up Next star has put out several stand-up specials over the years, the most well-known of which was released in 2021 and received 23 million views. Many people still watch this special today.