The new cover art confirms the locale and period of the eagerly anticipated sequel for Indiana Jones 5. 

On June 30, 2023, Indiana Jones 5, which will follow the fourth film in the series, will make its debut.  

Due to Disney’s ownership of Lucasfilm and its choice to focus on Star Wars franchise revitalization before Indiana Jones, the project was delayed for a considerable time.  

Filming was further delayed when James Mangold chose to take over as director after Steve Spielberg decided to leave the project. 

The idea of the movie served as the inspiration for the cover art that Empire Magazine debuted exclusively for Indiana Jones 5. 

The magazine gave readers a first glimpse at Jones’ (Harrison Ford) eagerly anticipated comeback, but subscribers also received a unique gift in the form of an illustrated cover. 

The narrative of Indiana Jones 5 hasn’t been discussed much, but the setting and timing have offered some clues.  

The 1960s timeline had been widely reported before it was confirmed, in part because it made sense for the movie to start in this era given that the previous film.

The 1960s provide the ideal backdrop for further exploring the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union. 

This argument might also be supported by the idea that New York City was the setting for the ticker-tape parade.