On the second day of Anime Expo, My Hero Academia fans got a release date confirmation for the two highly anticipated Season 5 OVAs

The two special episodes were only briefly broadcast at Anime Expo after they had previously aired in Japan on June 16th.

While they wait impatiently for the sixth season, which is set to premiere this Fall, these episodes ought to assuage fans' thirst to see their heroes back on the screen.

Just after the University of Arizona's winter break, Season 5 picked up with a latent conflict brewing between the Heroes' side and the newly established Paranormal Liberation Front of the Villains.

One of the most intense story arcs in Kohei Horikoshi's series, the Paranormal Liberation War Arc from the manga, will be adapted for Season 6.

The OVAs, on the other hand, will be far less stressful and should allow viewers a chance to relax with their favourite characters before the heroes are thrown into the midst of a full-scale conflict.

As implied by the title, "Hero League Baseball" will follow an epic baseball game between the 12th-ranked Pro Hero agency, Gang Orca, and the 13th-ranked Pro Hero agency, Shinshido. The "Orcas" and the "Lionels" are the two form teams for the competition.

Since the urgency for capturing this “criminal” is low, they decide to let other heroes solve the case.

When Smiley dares to draw on Endeavor's home, things become personal. The No. 1 Hero, who is now furious, goes looking for Smiley with the three students.