Since a new month has officially begun, there will be a tonne of new Netflix releases. We’ve already taken a look at the list of new Netflix original series and films arriving in September.

But we realized that one of our favorite programs was missing from the list.

We’re discussing the second season of All of Us Are Dead. Unfortunately, we must have to wait for the second season. 

One of the top K-Dramas on Netflix is undoubtedly All of Us Are Dead.  

When the first season was published in January 2022, it had a profound effect right away.  

The Korean series was the buzz of the town when the zombie series debuted.  

Even though people were already viewing Korean material, K-Dramas received even more attention as a result of Squid Game’s enormous success. 

Squid Game was followed by the successful Korean television series Hellbound. At the time of its first release, Hellbound even eclipsed Squid Game as the most watched Netflix series.  

They didn’t have to wait long, fortunately, as All of Us Are Dead would be available only a few months later.  

Naturally, after seeing the dark fantasy show, viewers start hunting for more Korean entertainment.