According to Deadline, Kathryn Hahn and Quentin Plair have joined newcomer Tanzyn Crawford and Sarah Pidgeon as series regulars on Hulu's Tiny Beautiful Things.

The first two episodes of the Liz Tigelaar-created television series will also be directed by Rachel Lee Goldenberg.

Claire (Hahn), who unwillingly decides to become an anonymous advice columnist as her own life starts to fall apart, will be the main character of the half-hour television series based on Cheryl Strayed's best-selling book.

Pidgeon will portray a younger version of Claire, who is rebellious and sharp-tongued and acts irresponsibly after her mother’s death.

Newcomer Crawford is set to portray Rae Kincade, Claire and Danny’s (Plair) queer teenage daughter who is a witness to her parent’s marital crisis.

Although Pidgeon has films like Gotham (2014) and One Dollar (2018) to her name, she is likely most recognised for her role as Leah Rilke in the now-cancelled Amazon Prime series The Wilds (2020).

A group of young girls who are left on an island after their plane crashes are the subject of the television show.

 Leah, played by Pidgeon, transitioned beautifully from being a reclusive Berkley girl to a brave survivor on the island.

Fans and critics gave Season 1 high marks, while Season 2, which featured a group of lads who were also stuck on the island, received mixed reviews.

No release date has been set for Tiny Beautiful Things yet.