Sarah Michelle Gellar will return to the realm of the paranormal.

According to a report from Deadline today, the actress from Buffy the Vampire Slayer would not only be signing on to join the cast of the new Paramount+ series Wolf Pack, but she would also be joining the show's executive production team.

Today at San Diego Comic-Con, Gellar will personally break the news at the Teen Wolf: The Movie panel.

Fans are likely to go absolutely crazy with excitement when Gellar approaches the stage, based on her experience in the realm of all things Comic-Con.

With its premise drawn from Edo Van Belkom's books, Wolf Pack is a spinoff of the popular television programme Teen Wolf.

As the no-nonsense, admired member of the investigative team known as arson Investigator Kristin Ramsey, Gellar will join the show. 

Local law enforcement has hired her to find the youngster they think ignited the horrific fire and awakened the otherworldly force that is currently destroying Los Angeles.