Samuel L Jackson shares details about the low-key celebration of his 75th birthday

Recently, Samuel L. Jackson celebrated his 75th birthday in a way that many might identify with. He told People about his low-key celebrations after the London premiere of his most recent movie, Argylle.

 "I went to sleep and had a nice sushi dinner," Jackson said, summarizing his low-key birthday celebration.

Jackson is an ally of Elly Conway (played by Bryce Dallas Howard) in the next action thriller. Renowned for her best-selling spy thrillers, Elly is a reclusive writer who finds happiness in spending peaceful evenings at home with her computer and cat, Alfie.

However, when her real life becomes intertwined with the destinies of her made-up characters, it takes an unexpected turn. 

Together with Sam Rockwell's Aiden, a spy with a cat allergy, Elly sets off on a worldwide race while avoiding the assailants at all times, carrying Alfie in her bag.

Elly begins to lose distinction between her real world and her fantasy world.

The performer gave a smooth response when asked what he loved the most about the filming process. He said that his favorite job was working alongside Sam Rockwell. Considering their long-standing friendship and four years of working together on films, Jackson exclusively told People that this endeavor was the first time they had ever met in person for the camera.