It's not shocking to hear about MCU casting rumours occasionally, given how many well-known celebrities are joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Sadie Sink is the most recent celebrity rumoured to join the adored superhero universe.

Sadie Sink has emerged as the star to watch out for, whether it be her scene-stealing performance as Max Mayfield in Stranger Things or her stellar act opposite Dylan O'Brien in Taylor Swift's All Too Well: A Short Film.

 Sadie was questioned about the MCU casting rumours during an ExtraTV interview for her upcoming movie Dear Zoe.

When questioned about the rumours that she would join the MCU, Sadie Sink said, "Oh! I noticed it. I can, and I'm refuting these claims. They're... It is untrue. No, I've heard the rumours. (laughs) I have no idea where they originated. 

 But as of right now, they are untrue. (chuckles)" The following query posed to Sink was, "Would she want to join the MCU if the chance presented itself, especially with all the incredible Sadie Sink/MCU fan art doing the rounds on social media for a time now?" 

Yes, provided the appropriate superhero appears. Who wouldn't, however, want to play a superhero?"

Sadie Sink's preferred role in a Marvel superhero is who?

Sadie Sink admitted when asked if she has her sights set on playing a specific Marvel superhero, especially with fans picturing her as X-Jean Men's Grey/Phoenix, who was previously portrayed by Game of Thrones' Sophie Turner and Famke Janssen "I don't know enough about it to be aware of the current superheroes that are available. How many are left, exactly? I'm not sure. But I'll keep an eye out."