On Thursday, Mr. Chan told the audience at the festival, “We’re talking about part 4 (of Rush Hour) right now,” adding that he would be seeing the film’s director go through the screenplay.

The renowned action performer told Deadline that the “writing isn’t appropriate” for the movie, although he did not name the director above.

He did not name the director, although the last three films were all directed by American director Brett Ratner.

However, seven women, including the actors Olivia Munn and Natasha Henstridge, came out in November 2017 and accused Ratner of inappropriate sexual behavior.

Warner Bros. ended their relationship with the producer-director, with whom they had a lucrative contract, as a result.

Mr. Chan also talked about how he got his start in the film industry working as a stuntman for Bruce Lee, whom he said got to know on the set of “Fist of Fury”

The action hero also announced to the crowd that 2022 would commemorate his 60th year in the movie industry.

Nevertheless, Mr. Chan informed the festival audience that he intends to make “few action tales, more love stories” in the future despite his lengthy and prosperous career in action films.

He claimed to be working on a project that he described as a “drama film for females,” according to Deadline.