Why WWE ought to introduce a unique global title for Raw At this point, Roman Reigns is still the uncontested WWE Universal Champion. 

This is the cause of the Red brand’s absence from the World Championship, and it would be fair to state that Raw currently lacks a significant amount of the World Championship storyline. 

It might be quite thrilling to bring a new world championship for the RED brand because of this. It’s unclear, though, how WWE intends to introduce a new global title. 

There have been rumors recently that US Network wants a separate world title for WWE Raw. 

The Red brand has been without a World Championship, and as a result, the excitement around Raw broadcasts has waned. 

They may have requested a separate World Title for Raw for this reason, and WWE should create a World Title specifically for the Red brand. 

The majority of supporters would not like Theory to break their deal with Roman Reigns and claim the title of new indisputable WWE Universal Champion. 

The theory will have a higher chance of winning the World Championship if WWE announces a new World Title on Raw. 

Seth Rollins, Edge, and Bobby Lashley are just a few of the superstars on WWE Raw right now who deserve to be competing for the World Championship. 

These superstars must compete in the mid-card division because the Red brand does not provide a World Title.