Robert Downey Jr. Receives Honors At 2024 Santa Barbara Film Festival

The Maltin Modern Master Award was given to Robert Downey Jr. on Friday at the Santa Barbara Film Festival 2024. 

His win precedes the Oscars, when he expressed gratitude to Cillian Murphy and Rob Lowe during his acceptance speech. 

The Iron Man actor's onstage companion, film historian Leonard Maltin, was honored with an additional prize, according to the festival. 

In his award speech, Downey Jr. began by thanking Maltin, stating, "Your contributions as a researcher, writer, critic, and broadcaster have a significant impact on our culture. I would give anything for your approval."

The performer continued by thanking his Oppenheimer co-star, saying, "Cillian is a straight guy to nobody. I believe that he is only now starting to realize that he is a f****** force of nature based on the response he receives when visiting new places."

He further added, "We've been able to reconnect lately, and I went on a podcast, and we're kind of talking about our origins, but he was the first one in my generation to say, 'Guys, there's this thing called stop and grow up and handle your business and be a good dad and be a good husband and enjoy the privilege of being able to work in this industry,' which is why he's still relevant and why he still looks 27."

In addition, Downey Jr. expressed gratitude to his wife Susan for her assistance, saying he could never conclude his expression of gratitude without bringing up his "dearest associate, Susan Downey."