Robert Downey Jr., who won an Oscar for Oppenheimer, makes hints about next projects.   

By joining as a producer on his ventures, his wife Susan Downey also promotes them.  

For Oppenheimer, Robert Downey Jr. won his first Oscar on Sunday. The actor was open and honest about his future plans with People Magazine, as was his wife, Susan Downey.   

The Iron Man actor is a firm believer in giving his roles in the movies his best.   

One instance is in Nolan's masterwork, in which Downey Jr. shed pounds and shaved his skull to seem like the character he portrayed.  

The Sherlock Holmes actor revealed, "I got a couple other tricks up my sleeve," in reference to his next projects.  

Next up for Downey Jr. is the HBO series The Sympathiser, in which he plays four distinct personas. Based on Viet Thanh Nguyen's best-selling novel from 2015, a television series is planned.   

Commenting on his future role, the Avengers star said, "It wasn't particularly subtle; it wasn't meant to be, but I'm already proud of what I've seen."   

Downey Jr. said that he had worked alongside his wife, saying, "It's an inside job." I think we still have mountains to climb, each in our own unique way."  

At the Academy Awards, Oppenheimer was showered with honours as the movie took home seven trophies.

On Oscar night, the film's success rate was comparatively high, thanks to directors Christopher Nolan, Cillian Murphy, and Robert Downey Jr.