Lift me up Rihanna soulfully wraps out her first solo single in six years! named Lift Me Up, her new song components in Black Panther.

Wakanda Forever OST and is a homage to the energy and legacy of the delinquent Chadwick Boseman. 

The last time we were gifted with a solo Rihanna theme was all the way back in 2016 with the nine-time Grammy-winning musician’s eighth album Anti, which peaked at #1 on Billboard 200. 

After teasing us mercilessly with recommendations alongside the new mother even following Black Panther.

Wakanda Forever’s globe premiere in LA with A$AP Rocky this week, Rihanna’s music Lift Me Up dropped today, i.e. October 28. 

RiRi allows her vocal prowess to take over the soulful way that will definitely leave Chadwick Boseman lovers in tears.  

In a press, via People, songwriter Terms – who co-wrote the path with Rihanna, Ludwig Göransson, and Black Panther.

Wakanda Forever director Ryan Coogler – spoke openly about Lift Me: After talking with Ryan and attending his direction for the movie and the song.

I tried to speculate what it would feel like if I could sing to them now and communicate how much I miss them.  

Rihanna has been an impulse to me so attending her convey this song is a great honor.