Rihanna and Natalie Portman couldn't stop gushing over one another at the Christian Dior show in Paris

While both Natalie Portman and Rihanna were in Paris for Christian Dior's fashion presentation, they happened to cross paths. 

Rihanna referred to the actor as the "hottest" person in Hollywood, while Natalie couldn't stop complimenting the singer for her songs. Additionally, the two newly formed pals posed for a picture. 

Videos of their exchange have appeared online; they were first posted on TikTok. 

Rihanna chose to dress boldly in all black, accessorizing with a midi skirt and puffer jacket. 

As always, Natalie Portman looked stunning in a black jacket outfit paired with stiletto shoes.

Natalie and Rihanna hugged outside the fashion firms' spring-summer 2024 collection. Natalie was informed by the singer, "I am a f***ing fan. You will always be among the sexiest b****es in Hollywood.