Filmmaker Rian Johnson who directed 2017’s The Last Jedi was widely panned by fans despite being well-received by critics.  

In order to continue the successful franchise, the director now plans to create another film.  

He recently released Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, which did extremely well in its limited theatrical run before making its digital Netflix debut. 

He has stated his intention to produce another Star Wars film. 

He was then hired to make an original trilogy of his own following the release of The Last Jedi, something he is still eager to achieve.  

He still has a burning passion for Star Wars and is eager to complete the project he began.  

Fortunately for Johnson, the exploits of Benoit Blanc, the quirky Southern investigator, and Daniel Craig, his new inspiration.

Johnson is eager to bring the movie back to his own country after a trip to sunny southern Greece.

In an interview with Insider, the director discussed the ideas for the third instalment of the Knives Out series and added, “I want it to be in America.  

Even with Glass Onion, it’s set overseas but it’s a group of Americans who are trapped on an island together.