As the vacuum cleaner industry expands, we're given more and more choices for how we want to deal with dust, grime, and other particles in our homes.

While traditional upright vacuums remain popular, more households are opting for robot vacuums to clean their floors.

At the very least, as a backup cleaner for when lugging around the upright becomes too taxing.

Fortunately, cordless upright vacuums provide a beautiful middle ground.

These vacuums, which are available from many of today's leading vacuum manufacturers, are powered by rechargeable batteries rather than cords.

These versions are often small but strong, and they come with a variety of attachments.

As well as the flexibility of using the vacuum in an upright position or for handheld operations.

For several weeks, we put a model from Proscenic, an inventive international firm that makes vacuums and other home equipment, to the test.

We can proudly state that we enjoyed the most of our hands-on time with the Proscenic P11 Smart Cordless Vacuum Cleaner.

Our runtime was closer to 35 minutes when we used a mix of all three suction speeds. ALSO READ : Spring 2022’s Best Games.