The Jeffrey Dahmer Story,” a recounting of the serial murderer Jeffery Dahmer’s life, became available on Netflix. 

I’m interested in actual crime, so I’ve been listening to many podcasts and reading about the case for a while now, so I already know a lot about Jeffrey Dahmer. 

I had anticipated that most of the facts in the new series would be things I already knew and that it would be at best poor like all of the other actual crime reenactment shows. 

For want of a better term, this show was horrific. When was I last seeing something so intensely distressing, irritating, and heartbreaking? 

I had a genuinely horrible time watching this series, and if I hadn’t been doing it for this review, I would have stopped watching it after the second episode. 

Although this is a real crime reenactment and these events are crucial to presenting the complete tale, there was no need to witness that much of it repeatedly. 

There was a lot of emphasis on the ferocity of his acts. Family members have expressed concern about the graphic reenactments of the victims’ killings, with many claiming that the show retraumatized them.

The scene in which Rita Isbell, Errol Lindsey’s sister, presented her victim impact statement following the trial is arguably one of the most distressing in the entire series.  

In her impact statement, she expressed her rage and disgust for Dahmer very dramatically. 

Without Isbell’s consent, the series replicated this tremendously intense and emotional moment of conflict for entertainment.