Before this season's conclusion, there are 10 more episodes of Manifest and a tonne of unanswered issues. 

The first episode of Manifest Season 4 debuted on Netflix in November, and the second half has yet to be released.

The first half of the season saw a lot happen to the people on Flight 828, and we know that for the series to end successfully, they will all need to unite for a huge battle.

Season 4 Part 2's release date has not yet been specified by Netflix, although given that production is complete, it may be available sooner rather than later. 

We're keeping an eye on June 2 — the Death Date — as a probable release date given Netflix's propensity to share Manifest information on significant dates in the programme (the premiere date was revealed on 8/28, and Part 1 was published on Nov. 4, the same day Flight 828 arrived in 2018).

Creator Jeff Rake discussed the first half of Season 4 and how it prepares for Part 2 with TV Guide. The main passages from the interview are shown here.