Ray J. released a new verbal attack in response to Kris Jenner’s most recent claim that she did not assist Kim Kardashian in releasing her sex tape. 

In a video posted to Instagram, Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend criticises Jenner for appearing on The Late Late Show with James Corden recently and being put through a lie detector and asked if she assisted Kim in releasing her sex tape. 

Ray J called out Kim and her mother on social media on Saturday, accusing them of treating him “inhumanely and foully.” 

The rapper continued by labelling John Grogan, the polygraph examiner, as a “fake.”  

In the video, Ray J mentioned not facing legal action as a result of the sex tape leak and stated, “You never sued steve hirsh for 5m because we all made that up together .

Ray J said in his video, “I’m going on the biggest rant of my life tonight to clear my name of this negativity and show you how these people are f–king devils, after this finale!!! 

Then we can be done with this- I’m fired up tonight!! This is for my kids!!!! No one can stop me im overseas at a villa in the Dominic Republic, Dont matter its on!!!!” 

The rapper released a second video after his 28-minute-long one in which he called out Kim and Kris, in which he also promised to release all the facts and paperwork.

He has on the matter to demonstrate his rightness and the wrongness of Kim and Kris Jenner.