The upcoming drama-thriller Dark Night of the Soul will include Star Trek actress Rachel Nichols in the starring role, reported by Deadline. 

This fall in upstate New York, the production is anticipated to start. At this time, no additional casting information has been given. 

The movie follows a trailblazing scientist as she becomes stuck in her car following a terrible car accident 

The doctor must now learn to exist alone and in isolation in case (or when) assistance arrives.  

Since she is the only person with the key to a cure for a virus wreaking havoc on the earth, she must survive not just for herself but for the entire world. 

Nichols made her acting debut in the 2000 film Autumn in New York and made a fleeting appearance in Sex and the City’s fourth season.  

In the horror-thriller P2, she would go on to land her first ever leading part as a businesswoman who is forced to hide after becoming stuck in a parking lot with her stalker. 

The breadth of Nichols’ work demonstrates her ability to tackle this gripping tale. 

It will be amazing to watch her talent in this brand-new suspenseful movie from another similarly amazing creator. 

Nichols is repped by Buchwald, Principals Talent and Goodman Genow Schenkman Smelkinson & Christopher