The Season 3 trailer for Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan has been released on Prime Video.  

. The upcoming season of the popular television series Jack Ryan, starring John Krasinski as the main CIA agent.

The threat that Jack will have to eliminate in Season 3 is depicted in the clip as several Russian oligarchs come up with a scheme to maintain the USSR by unleashing a nuclear attack on the world. 

The CIA is urged to stop investigating because the American government doesn’t want to start a diplomatic dispute with Russia.  

But Jack breaks the rules because he understands that in order to act morally, he must do so. Jack thus becomes a top-priority target for the CIA. 

Jack must defend himself from expert assassins sent by the Russians to kill the agent in addition to being sought for by his colleagues. 

In order to stop a world war that could wipe all humanity, Jack will set out on a round-the-world voyage alone and facing opponents from all sides. 

Also hinted at in the teaser is how much more action-packed Season 3 will be, with frequent car chases, explosions, and gunfights wherever Jack goes. 

Jack’s CIA trip will come to an end in Season 3, as Prime Video has already announced that Season 4 will be the final one.  

In addition to Krasinski, Season 3 of Jack Ryan welcomes back Michael Kelly as Mike November and Wendell Pierce as James Greer