In Guerrero, a Mexican town dominated by drug trafficking and human trafficking, three adolescent girls reach puberty.

The film depicts these girls' feelings and experiences, as well as their perceptions of their environment.

Tatiana Huezo tackles the horrific toll of Mexico's narco warfare through a coming-of-age drama centred on three rural girls in her first narrative film.

Prayers for the Stolen is a 2014 coming of age, or bildungsroman, novel by Jennifer Clement. 

Ana lives with her mother in a mountainous village in rural Mexico, where she works in the poppy fields harvesting opium.

Rita claims that the girls are obliged to cut their long hair very short due to "lice," but this is, of course, to make them look like boys until maturity arrives.

Release Date in US 17 November 2021 Release Date in India 29 April 2022

Prayers for the stolen wil be available on netflix