God of War Ragnarok has achieved a significant milestone and surpassed all previous first-party PlayStation games in sales in just a few short weeks.

Since God of War Ragnarok's formal unveiling in September of last year, fans have been anticipating the second and concluding instalment of Kratos' journey through Asgard with great anticipation, and the game has received almost universal acclaim since its release earlier this month.

God of War Ragnarok has received extremely great reviews thus far, and Sony Santa Monica's epic Viking action game has now achieved record-breaking sales to match.

God of War Ragnarok was praised for becoming the fastest-selling first-party PlayStation game in history earlier today by the official PlayStation Twitter account.

In its first week, Ragnarok reportedly sold 5.1 million copies, setting a record for both the God of War series and the PlayStation brand as a whole.

The Last Of Us Part II from 2020 had the previous record for fastest-selling PlayStation exclusive, selling over 4 million copies on its opening weekend.

Although some are already speculating that next year's Marvel's Spider-Man 2 could dethrone it, fans have been celebrating Ragnarok's success throughout the comments section of PlayStation's most recent social media post.

Others, however, believe that God of War Ragnarok will win Game of the Year at The Game Awards next month, despite arguments that the prestigious honour will go to the equally acclaimed Elden Ring.