Peaky Blinders' nine-year journey on television comes to an end in the final season.

As the Second World War approaches, the season kicks up with fascist leader Oswald Mosely (Samuel George Claflin) gaining power.

Despite failing to assassinate Mosely in the fifth season, Tommy (Cillian Murphy) is gearing up for his ultimate act.

While braving a courageous face outward, his inner emotional battles continue to rattle. 

Tom Hardy reprises his role as Alfie Solomons in the current series, and it has been confirmed that the series would culminate with a film set after the events of the final TV season.

Season 6 has found a new home on BBC One, and viewers in the United Kingdom may now watch it in its entirety on BBC iPlayer.

You'll have to wait until summer for it to arrive on Netflix in other parts of the world.

Release Date  10 June 2022