Fans of the spooky series could not have fathomed that Manifest would not have received a concluding season. 

NBC, where the show first aired, cancelled the programme following the most stunning season finale ever in season 3, which ended on a cliffhanger.

However, Netflix had already attracted a sizable new audience by that point, and the show was renewed for a fourth and final season. 

The first of two deliveries made its debut last month. But the electrifying midseason finale is still being discussed by fans.

Two years after Grace's tragic death and Angelina's kidnapping of Eden, the story picks up. 

Despite the family's best attempts, a bearded Ben sleeps in the attic and is always on the lookout for information that could help him determine where she is. Date of Death, who? He now appears to care less.

Everyone is naturally brought back into the Death Date fold by a series of Callings. Michaela's visions take her to a mystery figure who says Cal is in possession of the answers.

No one is sure what the man means when he claims that Cal is the "dragon," but he is. Ben finds out that Angelina has been moving around with Eden after following a Calling that eventually takes him there.

Ben is finally reunited with his daughter, but before they can do so, he is abducted, and an explosion puts them all in danger.