Jason Bateman and Jude Law with legendary roles to both of their names, are now slated to work together on Black Rabbit, a future limited series in development at Netflix.

For the first time. Bateman and Law would collaborate on the film, according to an exclusive report from Deadline.  

The two A-listers will both act as executive producers in addition to their roles as stars in the upcoming limited series.  

Black Rabbit will be produced in cooperation with Law and Ben Jackson‘s label, Riff Raff Entertainment, by Bateman and Michael Costigan‘s production company, Aggregate Films

Given that Bateman’s firm has a first-look agreement with Netflix for film and television projects, Aggregate Films’ involvement shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.  

Black Rabbit’s plot is not well known, and neither Bateman nor Law’s characters have any descriptions.  

According to reports, the series will be based on an original concept and was merely referred to by Deadline as a “drama.” 

The project will be Bateman and Law’s first on-screen collaboration and Bateman’s first television series since his critically lauded performance in another Ozark-like Netflix success. 

Bateman was also chosen to helm the upcoming Netflix FBI surveillance thriller Dark Wire and will play in the streamer’s upcoming drama Carry On.

Black Rabbit also boasts a strong creative duo in Baylin and Susman, a husband and wife partnership.