Outer Range is a series which is based in Wyoming, America and focuses on Abbott family at such a crucial juncture when they uncover that reality is not what it seems to be.  

The Abbott family own a ranch in Wyoming and the patriarch of the family named Royal Abbott is dealing with existential crisis. 

The show takes a turn following the emergence of a nomad by the name of Autumn who brings supernatural mysteries to their town. 

Autumn tells the Abbotts that a symbol is present all over their ranch, a strange symbol which she draws in her book before coming to Wyoming.  

The Abbotts, in addition to quarreling with Autumn, also take on with their wicked neighbors called the Tillersons, in order to protect their property.  

The protagonist Royal Abbott discovers a huge mysterious black hole which appears out of nowhere, near their ranch 

From the Abbotts to police and local people of the town who can be seen at rodeos, the cast of Outer Range is as follows: Josh Brolin plays Royal Abbott who is the protagonist, Lili Taylor plays his wife Cecilia Abbott 

Two trailers of Outer Range are out and the show has premiered yesterday on Amazon Prime Video

In the first trailer, the Abbott family sitting at the dinner table and Royal leading the prayer and later he uncovers a large black void on the outskirts of his property.  

The second trailer shows the arrival of a strange woman named Autumn who is the reason for a change in their lives.