Oscars 2024: Ryan Gosling appears in a new promo from Jimmy Kimmel 

A new trailer for the 96th Academy Awards, which will take place on March 10 (March 11 in India), has been unveiled by the Academy.  

Jimmy Kimmel, who is hosting the program once again, is included in the new teaser along with the cast of Barbie, this year's darling of the awards season. 

In the teaser trailer, Jimmy is seen wearing a tuxedo when he arrives in Barbieland and enlists the aid of Kate McKinnon's quirky Barbie.  

She gives him a map that shows him every movie he needs to see in order to return to Hollywood to host the show.  

They meet an even more bizarre Barbie as they climb into her wagon: Emma Stone's Bella from Poor Things.  

They go to the Killers of Flower Moon in Osage County, where Italians are grown in fields. Additionally, they travel from Oppenheimer to Los Alamos, where they see a "very ugly man" (Matt Damon, who has a protracted, unfounded feud with Kimmel). 

When they finally arrive in Hollywood, Jimmy is still too apprehensive to preside over the wedding. Fear not—America Ferrera has the perfect speech to inspire him.  

Ryan Gosling exits the vehicle at the conclusion, carrying the joyful In-and-Out takeout order. Jimmy informs him that In-and-Out is just for winners, but Ryan is certain that Greta Gerwig, their filmmaker, will win Best filmmaker. 

Greta is not even nominated, America informs him, and he lets out a long, loud scream.