Christopher Nolan’s upcoming movie Oppenheimer is one of the most anticipated.  

The first nuclear weapon blast was reenacted for the movie without the use of any additional CGI effects, the director has said. 

The Interstellar director is renowned for his ability to mix spectacular visual effects with mind-bending thrillers. 

Speaking of Oppenheimer, Christopher remarked that it would be a bold move to recreate the Trinity test the first nuclear weapon explosion in New Mexico 

The director referred to Oppenheimer as his most difficult film to date.  

He continued by discussing the difficulty of telling the story properly.  

He added, “There were big, logistical challenges, big practical challenges. 

But I had an extraordinary crew, and they really stepped up. It will be a while before we’re finished.  

But certainly, as I watch the results come in, and as I’m putting the film together, I’m thrilled with what my team has been able to achieve.” 

In the movie Oppenehimer, Cillian Murphy plays J. Robert Oppenheimer, a key player in the Manhattan Project.