In an interview with Page Six, insiders discuss the chemistry on set of the Olivia Wilde-directed film Don't Worry Darling in the midst of rumours of conflict.

On September 23, the psychological thriller will have its theatrical debut.

Harry Styles plays the lead in the much awaited movie opposite Florence Pugh, who sparked controversy when she chose not to share the movie's teaser on Instagram.

Prior to the production of Wilde's movie, rumours surfaced that Pugh was displeased with Wilde for beginning a relationship with the lead actor.

Recent reports, however, present a different picture.

An informant claims that Harry and Olivia want to keep their relationship under wraps, to the point that some of the team were not even aware that they were dating.

The source revealed, "Olivia was super professional — both she and Harry were. We were all surprised to hear that they were an item and didn’t even realize they were a couple until the news was out publicly."

In January of 2021, the couple made their romance public after they showed up at Styles' agent Jeffrey Azoff's wedding together.

Since then, they have been spotted numerous times out in the town.

Despite reports of Wilde's ex Jason Sudekis visiting the set, the source confirmed no such sighting and added, "The set was strictly closed to visitors since we were at the height of Covid lockdown."