The Empire tracks Obi-Wan Kenobi down on Jabiim, bringing with them memories of the past that shed new light on the present.

Reva installed a restraining bolt on Leia’s droid L0-LA in last week’s episode, but this doesn’t simply allow her to track the group’s whereabouts.

The technology also allows Reva to operate the droid remotely, allowing her to shut down the facility and lock Kenobi and the others within using L0-LA.

Leia volunteers to explore what’s going on in the vent system, and despite some reluctance from Roken, she climbs up a ladder and enters the vent system under the watchful eye of Haja.

Obi-Wan receives a message on his holoprojector, and he steals away down one of the cavernous corridors to listen to the message that Bail Organa (Jimmy Smits) has left for him.

Kenobi’s attempts to sway Reva are unsuccessful and she and her Stormtroopers begin to attack.

Most of the group is able to survive the siege, but there are tragic losses.

It’s a tragic end to a character who had a lot of potential, but it is also reminiscent of Rogue One, where the stakes are high, and the losses are tragic.

Kenobi is confident that surrendering will give them the most time to escape, considering Vader is after him, and he assumes that playing into Anakin’s particular brand of overconfidence.

Defeated and left to die, Reva makes a discovery that will undoubtedly lead to major repercussions in the finale.