Numerous NXT stars make their main roster debuts each year in the WWE. 

Over the years, celebrities who have worked for the NXT brand have had their television debuts on Raw or SmackDown. 

Right now, NXT is home to many superstars who are eager to join the main roster. These stars will soon make their debut. 

For two weeks in a row, he has been on Raw episodes.Both provided plenty of fan entertainment in NXT, and they can do the same on Raw. 

Sanga has been employed by NXT for several months and has proven to be quite strong. 

A few weeks ago, WWE said they will add this talent to the main roster. WWE frequently uses this strategy while recruiting wrestlers for the main roster. 

Even though his intentions to join the main roster are currently on hold, WWE believes that this Indian superstar is finally prepared for the big stage. 

The main roster debut of Indi Hartwell has been anticipated by the public. Dexter Loomis, Indi’s on-screen husband, has rejoined the WWE. 

According to rumors, Strong asked about his departure from WWE a few months prior, and no one could figure out why. 

Strong had so much success at NXT earlier on due to Triple H, who is now the head of WWE.