On July 10, SEVENTEEN released 14 individual and group photos as part of the official photo new beginning version of the standard fourth repackage album "SECTOR 17."

In the past, SEVENTEEN published the official photo from new heights that reached "SECTOR 17," a brand-new location discovered beyond the sun and frozen uncharted land.

The frozen ground melted, and the green summit emerged thanks to the light and vigour of SEVENTEEN, who through their fourth full-length album "Face the Sun" transformed into the sun.

On July 18, the 13-piece act will release "SECTOR 17," a repackaged version of their popular fourth studio album "Face the Sun."

They wrote on Instagram, "From the darkest and coldest places, light shines and gives warmth. Green leaves protruded from the dry ground, and flowers filled with happiness began to bloom one by one.”

They continued, "Looking at the new things unfolding before our eyes, smiles bloomed on our faces. Everything that blooms now is our dream and hope. A new world is opening for me, for you, and for us. ‘_WORLD’” explained the official photo.

The new world that SEVENTEEN discovered at the end of their sweltering journey to become like the sun is captured in the album "SECTOR 17."

With the pre-release of the music video for the Leaders unit song "CHEERS," they celebrated their success in growing infinitely from their beginnings to where they are now.

‘SECTOR 17’ is set to contain a total of thirteen songs, including ‘Circles’, ‘WORLD’, ‘FALLIN’ FLOWER (Korean Ver.)’, ‘CHEERS’, ‘Darl+ing’, ‘HOT’, ‘DON QUIXOTE’, ‘March’, ‘Domino’, ‘Shadow’, ‘’bout you’ [‘Sing’], ‘IF you leave me’, and ‘Ash’.

From among these tracks, ‘Circles’, ‘WORLD’, ‘FALLIN’ FLOWER (Korean Version)’ and ‘CHEERS’ are new songs, and ‘WORLD’ is set to be the upcoming title track.