Season 4 of The Umbrella Academy was confirmed as the series last season, but Netflix’s plans for the program are concerning.  

The Umbrella Academy’s conclusion, while somewhat sad for some, could be a good omen as it allows the program to conclude on a positive note.  

Netflix hasn’t disclosed the number of episodes 

Along with the announcement of the season extension, it was revealed that Netflix would collaborate with Umbrella Academy’s showrunner 

Blackman will work on projects such as an adaptation of the well-known Playstation game, Horizon Zero Dawn, and an original series called Orbital under Irish Cowboy Productions.  

The latter is a joint effort with Sony; it is reportedly dubbed Horizon 2047 and is set in a different period than the game. 

Given the prior program format that worked for seasons 1-3, the reduced episode duration for The Umbrella Academy season 4 might be troublesome.  

There is a chance that some narratives could be hurried in a shorter season.  

Some of the different storylines will probably be blended or shortened because the whole major cast is expected to return. 

The fourth season of The Umbrella Academy has the potential to cap off the show’s impressive run.