Reuters, London, October 20 – Judi Dench, a British actress, has joined a chorus of voices criticizing the fictionalized plots of the Netflix royal drama “The Crown”  

. he 87-year-old veteran said in a letter to The Times on Thursday that as the award-winning program got closer to the present, “the more freely it seems eager to blur the lines between historical authenticity and vulgar sensationalism.” 

While many people would recognize The Crown for the excellent but fictionalized portrayal of events that it is 

According to Netflix, “The Crown,” which chronicles the late Queen Elizabeth’s reign over several decades, is a “fictional dramatization” that was motivated by actual events. 

On Nov. 9, two months after King Charles came to the throne, it will debut its fifth season, which will have a fresh cast portraying the royal family in the 1990s.  

. No one believes in artistic freedom more than I do, but this cannot continue uncontested.  

The producers of the show have defied requests for them to carry a disclaimer at the beginning of each episode “The moment has come for Netflix to change its mind—for the sake of a family and a nation who have recently suffered a tragedy 

Dench’s letter comes in the wake of other criticism, such as a statement to the Daily Mail from the office of former Prime Minister John Major, who called a new scene a “barrel full of crap.”