Netflix’s dystopian sci-fi mystery-adventure black comedy is a high-concept dystopian sci-fi mystery-adventure black comedy  Spiderhead is a mash-up of styles and talent.

Steve Abnesti  is a pharmaceutical scientist who is working on little vials of coloured liquid that can be used to modify or change people’s moods and emotions.

The drugs are administered via a small, not particularly utopian battery-pack thingy at the base of the spine.

Steve’s setup is as follows: For himself, his helper, and a slew of condemned convicts, a large concrete bunker-base by the sea serves as a housing and testing facility.

We get access to his flashbacks, which depict a drunken and fiery vehicle accident.

He sits across from Heather (Tess Haubrich) in the experiment-o-lab in one scene.

They are asked to rate each other’s beauty on a scale of one to ten.

They get a dose of Verbaluce when they don’t say much, and the superlatives pour.

After that, they get some Luvactin, which is followed by some crazy coitus. When Steve lowers the juice, his subjects stop spooning postcoitally and rush to get dressed, feeling awkward and embarrassed.

Jeff takes a more genuine, less transient interest in fellow inmate Lizzy , who is a fantastic cook and reciprocates part of his emotional devotion.