After almost a decade of hard work and dedication finally, the day is here, with huge artwork, casting changes, production delays, & careful editing and director Andrew Dominik to bring out a complex ‘biopic‘.  

This transformation tracks the fictional account of the inner life and terrible suffering of fantastic actress & pop culture icon Marilyn Monroe.  

The film stars Ana de Armas portraying the blonde along with her are Bobby Cannavale playing the “Ex-Athlete”, Adrien Brody as The Playwright, Caspar Phillipson as “The President”.

The movie bounces ahead to Norma Jeane’s earlier modeling days, which in turn unlocks the door to an acting career.  

Unfortunately, that door guides her into the office of a studio tycoon who lifts her skirt and sexually attacks her. 

Dominik also recycles some of the most iconic instants in Marilyn’s life from the deviants and the paparazzi that composed them.  

Dominik gave Jesse James’ demise an almost operatic feeling of tragedy, but that was him indicting the efforts of another man, the ‘coward’ Robert Ford. 

In Blonde, he is conscious of his collaboration. After expending over 150 minutes within inches of her face, he plugs Marilyn’s last moments from an obedient distance. 

In the end, Ana de Armas remains flawless. She gave her best to bring the most original part of her character.

De Armas has somehow invoked the spirit of Marilyn Monroe herself to take possession of her body, and the outcome is stunning.