Netflix now offers the new mystery-horror series, 1899 from the creators of the popular German series, Dark.  

The latest series from the duo, 1899, expands on the escape-room opening with an even more complex puzzle.

A pale heroine (Emily Beecham) awakening in a cabin of the Kerberos, a steamer transporting immigrants to the New World. 

The woman’s injured wrists, the postcard on her dresser, and the newspaper article about a missing ship with a similarly ominous name will already have armchair investigators on the case. 

The medium-to-long list of spoilers that Netflix’s PR staff wanted us to stay away from has left critics searching in vain. 

For the passengers of the Kerberos, things were already difficult because it was found that they everyone had secrets.

Give or take the issue of character names, it’s done quite efficiently, and it quickly becomes simple to distinguish individuals who make up the ensemble. 

Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar, the series’ creators, have structured “1899” in a way that emphasises the series’ emphasis on the experience over the details. 

A possibility rather than a name on a list, each person on board the Kerberos exists. 

Anyone watching 1899 quickly realises that all of these riders are running away from something because it takes them so little time to do so.