A new animated series from a hugely well-known YouTube creator has been added to Netflix, the service announced today. 

James Rallison, who has over 17 million subscribers to his YouTube channel Odd 1s Out, revealed the title and release date of his next Oddballs for Netflix project in a video posted today.  

The comedy series was developed by Rallison and Ethan Banville in collaboration with Atomic Cartoons and is based on his YouTube channel TheOdd1sOut. 

Carl Faruolo and Michael Zoumas also serve as executive producers. 

James, a bubble-shaped boy, is the protagonist of Oddballs. His observations on life inspire his comedic rants at minor irritations and take them to laughably absurd levels.  

Rallison also talked about how the COVID-19 outbreak forced the production team of the upcoming Netflix series to work fully remotely. 

Along with the news, Rallison teased the release of some first-look footage for the new show during upcoming appearances at conventions.

The video shows a bubble boy and his crocodile companion exiting a trailer that is placed atop a cactus just before the trailer blows up. 

YouTube has been worked hard to support Rallison in keeping a consistent presence on his well-liked YouTube channel as he has been preparing his new streaming show. 

After a weak first quarter, this new partnership between Netflix and well-known internet talent could be just what the streaming giant needs to increase its subscriber base. 

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